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Kasthuri Shankar Sparks Debate Over Losliya Mariyanesan’s Onam Attire

Former actress Kasthuri Shankar calls out Losliya Mariyanesan for her Onam attire, sparking a heated debate on social media about tradition vs. personal freedom

Social media was ablaze after former actress Kasthuri Shankar chimed in on Losliya Mariyanesan’s Onam celebration attire. Losliya recently posted pictures celebrating Onam with friends and was caught in a controversy for her choice of saree.

Kasthuri Shankar didn’t hold back. She jumped right into the comments section, cautioning Losliya to “respect traditional Indian festivals.” She pointed out that Onam is a day of Puja and urged the young star to “dress appropriately.” To drive her point home, Kasthuri compared Losliya’s saree to those worn by her friends in the same pictures.

The comments section exploded right after. Fans and critics alike joined the conversation, leading to a split debate. Some supported Kasthuri’s views, nodding to the importance of tradition. Others criticized her, arguing for personal freedom and individual style, especially during celebrations.

This isn’t the first time celebrities have stirred debate over cultural and traditional attire. But Kasthuri’s direct callout has definitely made this a hot topic. The question remains as actresses in the limelight: Should they conform to traditional norms, especially during religious and cultural events? One thing is for sure: this debate isn’t cooling down anytime soon.

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