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Minman Unveils Heroine Sanchita on Her Birthday!

Minman movie poster drops on Sanchita Shetty's birthday, featuring Prabhu Deva as the superhero. Excitement builds with a talented team behind the scenes.

Today marks a special occasion for fans of the much-anticipated Minman movie, as they get a first glimpse at the movie poster. This reveal isn’t just any day—it aligns with the birthday of the film’s leading lady, Sanchita Shetty. Social media buzzed with excitement as the team behind Minman shared their heartfelt wishes for Sanchita, celebrating her talent and wishing her a year filled with joy, laughter, love, success, and happiness.

The poster spotlights Sanchita and introduces us to Prabhu Deva in his captivating role as the superhero “Minman”. The film promises to be a visual feast, with a team of talented artists behind its production, including producers Vinod Senthil, Arun the Mentalist, and Satin Mayu. Praveen and Sathish Krishnakumar take the helm as directors, setting the stage for a cinematic experience filled with action, drama, and emotion.

Kasyap’s music is another highlight fans eagerly await, promising to add depth and excitement to the movie’s atmosphere. The birthday wishes and poster release have only added to the anticipation and buzz surrounding Minman, making it one of the most awaited releases of the year.

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