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Muttaama Muttikkittu—A New Love Anthem Out Now!

Dive into the latest Tamil hit 'Muttaama Muttikkittu'. An upbeat love track featuring AniVee and Pragya Nagra, perfect for music lovers!

Today marks the debut of the much-anticipated Tamil music video ‘Muttaama Muttikkittu.’ This fresh love track brings an upbeat vibe for music enthusiasts looking to add rhythm to their playlist. AniVee, a notable name in the music industry, not only lends his talents to the creation of this song but also stars in the video alongside Pragya Nagra.

The production of this video sees a collaboration of creative minds. Directed by the skilled @donglijumbo and shot through the lens of @maayakannadi, the video promises a visual treat. The sharp editing by @kamalakannan_k enhances the overall appeal, ensuring every beat and scene is crisp and engaging.

Dance sequences by @iam.richardson add an energetic flair to the visuals, perfectly complementing the rhythm of the music. The wardrobe, styled by @subikanifabint, features vibrant and eye-catching outfits that reflect the song’s lively spirit.

Fans are encouraged to watch and share their experiences. This release showcases the rich talents and strengthens the bond between artists and their audiences. Everyone seems ready to groove to the beats of ‘Muttaama Muttikkittu’. So, why wait? Tune in, feel the vibe, and let the music take over.

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