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Indian Model Ashwathy Preetha in Oversized Gray Blazer: A Chic Fashion Statement | Trendceylon

Indian model Ashwathy Preetha makes a bold statement in an oversized gray blazer, exuding modern sophistication and confidence.

Ashwathy Preetha, an emerging Indian model, showcases a powerful and chic look in an oversized gray blazer paired with pinstriped trousers. The ensemble exudes modern sophistication, perfectly blending masculine tailoring with feminine allure. The blazer, worn with a hint of daring by leaving it unbuttoned, creates a striking contrast against the classic pinstripe trousers, making for a compelling fashion statement.

Styled by @deekshitanikkam, Ashwathy’s minimalistic yet bold look is further accentuated with subtle makeup highlighting her natural beauty. Her softly tousled hair adds a touch of casual elegance, balancing the structured silhouette of the blazer. The choice to forgo heavy accessories keeps the focus on the sharp lines and the confident attitude she brings to the photoshoot.

Captured by the talented photographer @balakumaran.19, these images highlight the interplay of light and shadow, emphasizing the textures and depth of the outfit. The clean, minimalist backdrop ensures that Ashwathy remains the focal point, with her poised demeanor and the understated sophistication of her attire taking center stage. This collaboration between stylist, model, and photographer results in compelling visuals celebrating contemporary fashion with a bold twist.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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