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Ashwathy Preetha’s Traditional Elegance: Saree & Jewels | Trendceylon

Ashwathy Preetha radiates in traditional attire, her saree from Palam Silks complemented by Challani Jewellery, captured by Prashun Prashanth Sridhar

Ashwathy Preetha, an Indian Tamil model, presents a picture of traditional elegance in a stunning saree by Palam Silks. The saree’s fabric weaves together gold and pink, harmonizing modernity with classic style. The blouse from Malgudi Designs at Srinivi Boutique adds a touch of intricate detail with its embellishments, perfectly fitting the saree’s luxurious feel.

Her look is further enriched by the exquisite jewelry from Challani Jewellery. The layered necklaces and ornate earrings frame her face, enhancing her features and the saree’s rich colors. The craftsmanship of the jewelry is a nod to India’s rich heritage of goldsmithing and design, making her ensemble not just fashion but a piece of art.

The makeup and hair by Kez and Durga Hair Stylist respect the traditional theme while adding a contemporary edge, showcasing Ashwathy’s natural beauty. Prashun Prashanth Sridhar’s photography captures the essence of the styling by Deekshita Nikkam, resulting in images that celebrate the timeless beauty of Indian attire and adornments.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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