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Mesmerizing Sameritha Jayaram Pillai in Khadivas Beige Outfit | Trendceylon

Indian model Sameritha Jayaram Pillai captivates in a chic beige ensemble by Khadivas, styled to perfection for a stunning campaign shoot.

Sameritha Jayaram Pillai looks effortlessly chic in this beige ensemble by Khadivas. With its structured jacket and flowing trousers, the outfit strikes the perfect balance between elegance and modernity. Sameritha’s confident pose and flawless styling make this look stand out, exuding sophistication and poise.

The shoot, captured by the talented @prachuprashanth, showcases Sameritha’s striking presence against a bold red background. Makeup and hair by @snehamnj and @hair_by_naemat complement her natural beauty, while jewellery from @heerbypriyanka adds a touch of elegance.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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