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Samantha Ruth Prabhu Refutes Rumors About Borrowing Money for Treatment

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu dismisses rumors about borrowing INR 25 crore for her myositis treatment, urges public to be responsible about health-related news, while maintaining a dynamic acting career.

Well-known actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu has taken to social media to dispel the swirling rumours of her seeking financial aid from a superstar to fund her myositis treatment.

Myositis and Self-Sufficiency

Samantha clarified that she has been dealing with myositis, a disorder that affects the body’s muscle tissues, since 2022. Despite the diagnosis, Samantha emphasizes that she has been handling her treatment independently and is financially capable of handling her medical needs. The suggestion of borrowing INR 25 crore from a renowned superstar appeared ludicrous to her, as she refuted the claim via Instagram, writing, “25 crores to treat myositis!? Someone got you a pretty bad deal. I am glad I am only spending the smallest fraction of that. And I don’t think I was paid in marbles for all the work I’ve done in my career. So I can easily take care of myself. Thank you.”

Addressing Misinformation

The actress stressed the importance of being careful when disseminating information about health conditions such as hers. She urged the public to act responsibly, understanding their words’ impact on the many who suffer from conditions like myositis.

Samantha’s Recent Works and Upcoming Projects

Despite her health conditions, Samantha’s career remains vibrant and dynamic. The accomplished actress was last seen in the films ‘Shaakuntalam’ and ‘Yashoda.’ Currently, Samantha has concluded shooting for the Indian leg of Citadel under the direction of filmmakers Raj and DK. In between her tight schedules, she spent some time at the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, before jetting off for a vacation in Bali.

A First-time Pairing in ‘Kushi’

The fans of Samantha Ruth Prabhu have much to look forward to, as she is set to appear in ‘Kushi,’ slated for a September 1 release. In an exciting first, Samantha will be seen sharing screen space with Vijay Deverakonda. Directed by Siva Nirvana, ‘Kushi’ will showcase the duo as a married couple amidst the backdrop of Kashmir, adding to the buzz around this much-awaited film.

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