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Get Ready for a Laugh Riot: Namo Hits Theaters June 7th

Namo' promises laughs and adventure, hitting theaters June 7th! With a hilarious cast and debut director, this survival comedy is set to captivate audiences.

Namo promises to be a wild ride in the survival comedy genre, with enough laughs to keep you entertained from start to finish. Produced by A. Prashanth under Sri Netra Creations and Arms Film Factory, this movie stars Viswant Duddampudi, Anuroop Katari, and Vismaya Sri. The film is directed by newcomer Aditya Reddy Kunduru and will be released on June 7th. The announcement poster, featuring the lead actors with hilariously odd expressions, has already grabbed everyone’s attention.

With Rahul Srivatsav behind the camera and Kranthi Acharya Vadluri composing the tunes, the movie’s technical aspects are in good hands. Sanal Anirudhan handles the editing, ensuring a seamless and engaging viewing experience. The promotional material has been a hit, and fans eagerly await what ‘Namo’ has in store. So, mark your calendar for June 7th and prepare for a comedy adventure!

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