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Battle of the Generations: Lilly Singh Hosts Epic Trivia Showdown

Get ready for the ultimate generational showdown! Join Lilly Singh as she hosts Battle of the Generations, a thrilling trivia game show.

Are you ready to witness an epic battle between Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z? Get your trivia game on as Scarborough’s very own icon, Lilly Singh, hosts the thrilling new show, “Battle of the Generations.” Premiering on June 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CTV,, and the CTV app, this game show promises intense competition and a chance to win a whopping $25,000 cash prize.

In this exhilarating trivia showdown, every generation will be put to the test. As Lilly Singh revealed in an interview with Yahoo Canada, “Everyone’s thinking their generation is the best and quickly learning they [don’t know] as much.” The confidence of contestants from each generation is shattered as they face challenging questions that expose their knowledge gaps. Prepare for eye-rolling and surprising revelations as generations clash and battle it out for the ultimate title.

What sets “Battle of the Generations” apart is its ability to engage and enrage the audience. Unlike other game shows where the questions may be unfamiliar to viewers, this show revolves around music, movies, celebrities, toys, and popular culture items specific to different decades. You’ll find yourself either confidently answering questions or left clueless about certain references. As Singh explains, she has to maintain a poker face throughout the show, even when she knows the correct answers, providing entertainment through her acting skills.

The format of the show keeps the excitement levels high. In the first round, players answer questions about their own generation, with each correct answer adding $500 to The Vault. The first two participants to answer a question correctly from any generation secure their spots in the next round, while the other two faces off in the Battle Zone. Only one person emerges victorious, advancing to the next round. With each round, the intensity rises, leading to a final face-off and a chance to win up to $25,000 by taking on The Vault.

“Battle of the Generations” challenges generational biases and showcases contestants’ diverse abilities and knowledge. As Singh shares, “I definitely think it debunks a lot of stereotypes.” The show reveals unexpected expertise, with Gen Z contestants surprising everyone by excelling in ’60s pop culture and Boomers demonstrating their knowledge of internet slang. It’s a mixed bag of talents showcasing each generation’s unique abilities.

For Lilly Singh, hosting and executive producing “Battle of the Generations” perfectly matches her comedic style, rooted in intergenerational comedy and family dynamics. Growing up watching game shows with her family, she wanted to create a show that brings families together, a rare gem in today’s content landscape. Singh’s involvement in shaping the format and questions ensures an entertaining experience for all viewers.

As a proud Canadian, Singh cherishes the opportunity to be part of a trivia game show that celebrates the talent and magic of Canadians. She believes the contestants on the show are incredibly special and sweet, but their sweetness transforms into a competitive spirit like no other. While Singh takes on the role of host, she admits she may not have what it takes to compete on the show herself. Perhaps in the next season, she will put her knowledge to the test and discover if she has what it takes to battle it out with the contestants.

Tune in to “Battle of the Generations” and witness the clash of the generations, the unravelling of stereotypes, and the quest for the ultimate prize. Get ready for an unforgettable trivia experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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