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Yohani Hettiarachchi Dazzles in Velvety Red Gown | Trendceylon

Delve into the luxurious red velvet gown adorned by Yohani Hettiarachchi, a testament to Sri Lankan fashion design, captured exquisitely by Bhumi Wickramasinghe.

Sri Lankan actress Yohani Hettiarachchi stuns in a striking red velvet gown that merges classic elegance with modern design. The gown, designed by Chirantha Piyumal and brought to life by Pasindu Nirmal, features intricate embroidery adorning the bodice, flowing into a soft tulle cape that adds a dramatic flair to the silhouette. The deep red hue of the dress not only complements Yohani’s complexion but serves as a bold statement of confidence and style.

Accessorizing the look, Yohani opts for simple yet sophisticated earrings that mirror the rectangular embroidery on her gown, contributing to the ensemble’s overall cohesion. The shoes from Glow Shoes add a playful yet chic edge to the outfit, with butterfly motifs that echo the whimsical yet poised energy of the actress. The attention to detail in every aspect of her outfit, from the daring slit to the careful drapery, is a testament to the craftsmanship of Sri Lankan fashion talent.

The team behind this photoshoot, including coordinator Ashan De Silva, photographer Bhumi Wickramasinghe, and retoucher Lakshitha Galagoda, have collaborated to capture an outfit and tell a story. The backdrop provided by Lotus Digital Creations enhances the rich textures and colors of Yohani’s dress, creating a striking and enchanting composition. This photoshoot celebrates the synergy between actress, garment, and artistic vision, resulting in imagery that is as captivating as it is inspiring.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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