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Radiant in Red: Yohani Hettiarachchi’s Birthday Bliss | Trendceylon

Sri Lankan Actress Yohani Hettiarachchi celebrates in a lively red dress, bringing life and joy to her birthday festivities with a playful charm.

Yohani Hettiarachchi, the Sri Lankan actress, exudes youthful exuberance in her birthday photoshoot. The vibrant red dress she adorns is perfect for the occasion, reflecting the celebratory mood. Its light fabric and ruffled details offer a fun and flirty vibe, while the drawstring neckline adds a playful touch to her look.

The dress’s casual yet festive style is ideal for an intimate celebration. Yohani’s choice of minimal accessories keeps the focus on her cheerful attire and the natural radiance she brings to the day. Her hair cascades in soft waves, complementing the effortless charm of her outfit.

The shoot’s setting—outdoors with lush greenery—mirrors the actress’s fresh and spirited personality. The images showcase not just a birthday celebration but also a slice of Yohani’s vibrant life, filled with smiles, cake, and flowers, all contributing to the day’s joy.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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