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Tanima Biswas’ Quintessential Elegance: A Saree Soirée | Trendceylon

Miss India Quintessential 2022, Tanima Biswas, shines in a Tamohara design, her look an epitome of grace styled by Artistry by Shanu, photographed by Prashun Prashanth Sridhar.

Tanima Biswas, titled Miss India Quintessential 2022, embodies elegance in a stunning saree from Tamohara House of Designs. The garment flows with a constellation of sequins, reflecting a night sky full of stars. Its graceful drape highlights Tanima’s poise, a perfect marriage of traditional design and contemporary fashion.

Artistry by Shanu’s makeup and hair team have crafted a look that accentuates her natural beauty, while complementing the saree’s grandeur. The makeup, with its golden hues, harmonizes with the outfit’s sparkle, and the hairstyle upholds a classic aesthetic that enhances her regal bearing.

Adorned with exquisite pieces from Challani Jewellery, Tanima’s presence is magnified. The jewelry’s intricate detail and lustrous pearls and gems echo the saree’s luxurious essence. Captured by Prashun Prashanth Sridhar’s lens, each photograph is a tribute to the timeless allure of Indian traditional wear and the modern woman who wears it.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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