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Tamil Actress Elakkiya Rajendran Shines in Dual Valentine’s Day Ensembles | Trendceylon

Elakkiya Rajendran captures hearts in a red ruffle dress and a glamorous rhinestone-embellished black bodysuit for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

In a striking Valentine’s Day photoshoot, Tamil actress Elakkiya Rajendran showcases two distinct looks celebrating love and fashion. Her first outfit is a resplendent red ruffle dress that breathes life into the romantic theme. The cascading ruffles add a playful charm, while the dress’s vivid red hue exudes the warmth and passion of the occasion. It’s a perfect nod to the traditional Valentine’s colour palette, representing love and desire.

Transitioning to a more edgy look, Elakkiya dons a black bodysuit adorned with shimmering rhinestones. The bodysuit’s sleek silhouette and the sparkle of the embellishments come together to create a modern and sophisticated look. This attire reflects a night-time elegance, ideal for a Valentine’s date or event.

Jewellery from Chennai Jazz adds a lustrous finish to both outfits, carefully chosen to complement without overshadowing. Chennai Makeover Usha Balaji ensures Elakkiya’s hair and makeup are on point, with each style setting the tone for its respective outfit—soft waves for the red dress and a more structured hairstyle for the black bodysuit.

Photographed by Oho Studios with Hangout Eco Official as the backdrop, the contrasting settings highlight the versatility of Elakkiya’s fashion choices, presenting her ability to transition seamlessly from day to night looks.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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