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Elakkiya Rajendran’s Holi-Themed Photoshoot Captures Festive Spirit | Trendceylon

Elakkiya Rajendran celebrates Holi with a vibrant photoshoot by Oho Studios, mixing traditional colors and modern sporty style.

Elakkiya Rajendran’s latest photoshoot is an exciting fusion of tradition and modernity, marking the Holi festival with a sporty twist. She is styled in athletic wear with a celebratory flair, with Holi colours adorning her face and attire. The contrast between the stark white lace top and the vivid Holi powders adds a dynamic visual element to the images.

The bold use of colour signifies Holi’s joyous spirit and accentuates Elakkiya’s youthful energy. The photo shoot, skillfully captured by Oho Studios, brings out her playful side while embracing the essence of the festival, which celebrates colour and joy.

The simple yet striking jewellery provides a subtle nod to tradition amidst the contemporary setting. This photoshoot illustrates that cultural celebrations can seamlessly blend with modern lifestyle expressions.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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