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Preethy Karan’s Bridal Splendor: Golden Glow & Gemstones | Trendceylon

Preethy Karan dazzles in Studio149’s bridal saree, her Summer Bridal Edit look a shimmering blend of tradition and elegance, adorned with Challani Jewellery.

Preethy Karan, an artist, actor, and model from Tamil Nadu, grace the Summer Bridal Edit 2023 with regal poise in a saree from Studio149. The saree’s golden fabric, rich with detailed embroidery, drapes her figure majestically, its luster reminiscent of the sun’s warm embrace. This traditional attire is a tribute to the craftsmanship and textile heritage of India.

Her ensemble is elevated by the exquisite jewelry from Challani Jewellery, which complements the saree’s grandeur. The intricate necklace, earrings, and headpiece, set with precious stones, add to her bridal radiance, each piece a testament to the timeless beauty of Indian jewelry making.

The collaboration of Prachu Prashanth’s photography, Charithra Marlechaa’s makeup and hair artistry, and the team at VDOP Photography captures Preethy’s allure against the artistic backdrops from Mizu Backdrops. Together, they create a portrait of a bride who is both a vision of cultural pride and contemporary elegance.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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