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Pragya Nagra Shines in Geometric Christmas Attire | Trendceylon

Pragya Nagra’s Christmas special photoshoot features her in a geometric dress, showcasing unique style and grace.

The Christmas special photoshoot of Pragya Nagra, a celebrated South Indian actress, brings festive cheer with a modern twist. The actress stands out in a strapless geometric dress by Devraagh, which combines avant-garde style with a nod to the geometric patterns of the season. The structured design of the dress creates a striking silhouette, while the cool tones echo winter’s chill, making it a perfect holiday ensemble.

Arundev’s styling brings minimalism to the forefront, with no jewellery to distract from the bold pattern of the dress. This choice allows the complexity of the dress’s design to take centre stage, reflecting a confidence in simplicity. Meanwhile, makeup artist Shibin Antony ensures that Pragya’s makeup is understated yet elegant, with natural tones that complement rather than compete with the statement dress.

Photography and post-production by Plan B Actions, led by Jibin, capture the essence of the festive season through a soft blue backdrop that harmonizes with the dress’s colour palette. The lighting and composition bring a serene but celebratory feel to the photos, highlighting the actress’s serene poise and the dress’s dynamic design.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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