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Pragya Nagra Dazzles in a Green Patterned Dress | Trendceylon

Discover Pragya Nagra’s stunning look in a green patterned dress. The South Indian actress exudes elegance, complemented by delicate jewelry.

Pragya Nagra’s latest photoshoot captures the actress in a mesmerizing green patterned dress that speaks volumes of her South Indian heritage. The dress, designed by Devraagh, features intricate gold detailing that aligns with traditional aesthetics while presenting a modern silhouette. The choice of a v-neck cut accentuates her poise, adding a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.

The styling, curated by Arundev, pairs the dress with layered silver necklaces and long dangling earrings that add a contrasting sparkle against the rich patterns of the dress. This blend of gold and silver elements is a bold fashion statement that pays homage to the versatility of Indian jewellery design. The makeup by Shibin Antony elevates Pragya’s natural beauty, with a focus on highlighting her features rather than overshadowing the dress’s vibrant colours.

Behind the scenes, photographer and post-production expert Plan B Actions, with Jibin as the artist, plays with a dynamic red backdrop that further accentuates the green hues of the dress, creating a visual pop that is both striking and harmonious. The expertise of the entire team shines through, showcasing not only Pragya’s stunning fashion choice but also the collaborative artistry that makes such a photoshoot a success.

Disclaimer: The images used are for analytical and educational purposes, respecting the fair use of photographic material. The analysis focuses solely on the fashion and jewellery elements within the context of the photoshoot and the creative professionals involved.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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