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Indian Actress Yashika Aannand in Chic Black Bustier | Trendceylon

Tamil star Yashika Aannand stuns in a chic black bustier paired with elegant trousers, showcasing classic allure.

Yashika Aannand, a prominent figure in Tamil cinema, captivates in a black bustier top that perfectly combines contemporary style with a touch of timeless glamour. Her harmonious blend of a structured bustier ensemble with delicate details and high-waisted trousers accentuates her silhouette with sophistication and grace.

The attire is meticulously chosen to highlight Yashika’s striking features, with the bustier’s glittering texture drawing attention to her poised demeanour. Her simple yet elegant choker accessories complement the outfit without overshadowing its statement appeal. The makeup by Profile Makeover enhances her natural beauty, while her hair, styled in an updo, adds a touch of elegance, ensuring that the focus remains on the intricacies of her attire.

The red backdrop provided by Arangaa Space serves to heighten the impact of the black clothing, with photographer Vishal Srinivasan capturing the essence of Yashika’s commanding presence. The collaborative effort of the creative team, including stylist Takkaru Logesh, lighting by Karthik Pandian, and retouching by Gokul, culminates in a striking photoshoot that leaves a lasting impression.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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