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Tamil Star Yashika Aannand Dazzles in Traditional Saree | Trendceylon

Yashika Aannand shines in a modern saree blend, pairing a metallic crop top with a floral draped saree, redefining elegance

Yashika Aannand, acclaimed for her work in Tamil cinema, presents a fresh take on traditional attire with a contemporary twist. Her outfit combines a metallic crop top that shimmers with every movement and a classic saree with a rich, dark hue and delicate floral embroidery. The contrast between the modern, reflective top and the timeless elegance of the saree creates a captivating look that respects tradition while embracing modern trends.

Her makeup, done by Alana Makeup Studio, is kept subtle to complement the intricate work of the saree, styled by Nyaan Soundarya. The hairstyle by Arithaaram Bridal Studio adds a soft, romantic touch with loose waves that frame her face, enhancing the outfit’s femininity. The selection of jewellery from Ishhaara is notable for its sophistication, with pieces that do not overwhelm but add to the saree’s intrinsic beauty.

Each element of Yashika’s ensemble has been thoughtfully curated to stand out in the golden backdrop provided by Arangaa Space, captured elegantly by photographers Sathya Photography and Deepthi Muraleedharan. The outfit, styling, and ambience create a stunning visual narrative that celebrates the heritage and evolution of Indian fashion.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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