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Aishwarya Dutta Dazzles in Light Blue Ahead of Tamil Movie Polladha Ulagil Bayangara Game | Trendceylon

Aishwarya Dutta is heating things up in a sensational light blue outfit. Catch a glimpse before her Tamil movie, Polladha Ulagil Bayangara Game, takes center stage

There’s something enchantingly romantic about Aishwarya Dutta dressed in light blue. With her upcoming Tamil movie, Polladha Ulagil Bayangara Game, creating buzz, the actress is turning heads and warming hearts. The outfit is simple yet elegant, soft yet striking—just like a fleeting cloud in a summer sky or the hush of ocean waves. You could say it’s a piece that screams subtle allure, and we’re totally here for it.

Now, let’s talk details. The breathtaking stills come courtesy of @sathish_photography49. Every angle reveals Aishwarya’s inherent beauty, glowing like a moonlit night. Meanwhile, the ever-talented stylist, @sen_smily_girl, has worked her magic to perfection. The reel picartisan adds a dreamy effect, making the photos unforgettable when it comes to make-up and hair, Kudos to @alana_makeupstudio and @arithaarambridalstudio for transforming Aishwarya into a celestial dream.

Finally, what’s an outfit without the perfect Instagram moment? For those who can’t get enough, hop over to Aishwarya’s own Instagram handle, @aishwarya4547, where you’ll find more dazzling looks and updates on the Polladha Ulagil Bayangara Game. To sum it up, Aishwarya Dutta in light blue is a love story we can all get behind—sensual, compelling, and impossible to forget.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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