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Abyukta Manikandan’s Barbie-Inspired Chic: A Pink Panache | Trendceylon

Indian model Abyukta Manikandan channels Barbie in a playful pink ensemble, her radiant look crafted by the team at Vurve Salon for a vibrant photoshoot.

Abyukta Manikandan, an Indian Tamil model, brings the iconic Barbie aesthetic to life with a contemporary twist in this charming photoshoot. Her crochet pink top, with its knotted front and fringed details, pairs whimsically with a sleek pink skirt, embodying a modern take on the doll’s signature style. This ensemble is an ode to playfulness and femininity, capturing the essence of Barbie in a fashion-forward way.

The styling by The Illusion enhances Abyukta’s youthful and vivacious vibe, while the makeup by Hema Malini adds a flush of color that complements the pink backdrop. With soft waves cascading down one shoulder, Kalpana Rai’s hairstyling completes the look, giving Abyukta a doll-like yet approachable appearance. The accessories, subtle yet chic, with pearl earrings and a headband, are the perfect finishing touches.

Prachu Prashanth’s photography captures the spirit of the concept – from vision to life. Each shot radiates the playful energy and confidence that Abyukta embodies, set against the vivacious pink that has become synonymous with Barbie. It’s a testament to how a creative team can collaborate to bring a thematic vision to stunning reality.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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