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Raffealla Fernando

Raffealla Fernando Photography

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Dive into the world of Raffealla Fernando Photography. Acclaimed fashion/celebrity photographer from Colombo. Checkout the works on our website.

Raffealla Fernando Photography, hailing from Colombo, Sri Lanka, stands out in the realm of photography with an illustrious career under its banner. Renowned for the famed “Raffealla Fernando Celebrity Calendar”, Raffealla has been recognized at platforms like IAA London and is a New York fashion awards finalist. With accolades such as the BEFTA Best Photographer 8th world rank in the UK, her multifaceted talent extends beyond photography; she is also a revered fashion designer and stylist. As you immerse yourself in the captivating visual narratives she offers, remember that every shot tells a story. For those looking to capture moments that matter or make a statement in the world of fashion, this is your go-to destination. Visit her Instagram profile for a glimpse of her artistry.

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