En Ethire Rendu Papa

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Streaming Date : September 1, 2023
Age Restriction : 18+
Season : 1
Episodes : 6

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About En Ethire Rendu Papa Web Series

Are you in the mood for a web series that effortlessly combines adult comedy, romance, and a sprinkle of the supernatural? Look no further than “En Ethire Rendu Papa.” This Tamil web series, freshly released on Hungama, promises a whirlwind of emotions and unexpected twists.

The series kicks off with its first episode, “The Virgin House.” Here, we meet Jith, a young man eager to lose his virginity to Sonam. She invites him to live together for a month to test their compatibility. However, things don’t go as Jith had hoped. Sonam remains unimpressed by his advances, and to make matters more complicated, a mysterious ghost named Monalisa starts falling for Jith.

Moving on to Episode 2, “The Love Triangle,” the plot thickens. Rathinam, Sonam’s over-possessive cousin, hires a detective named Maruvesha Marikose to keep an eye on Jith. Meanwhile, Monalisa employs her own tricks to ensure Sonam and Jith can’t get together.

Episode 3, “Love And Games,” adds another layer of complexity. Monalisa’s ghost lover enters the scene and starts hitting on Sonam. Jith’s attempts to win Sonam over continue to fail, making his situation increasingly desperate.

In Episode 4, “Jith Saves The Day,” the stakes rise. Sonam confronts and slaps a local thug, who then kidnaps her. Jith turns to his friendly ghost, Monalisa, for help. The question remains: will she assist him?

Episode 5, “Trapping Monalisa,” sees Jith pulling out all the stops. He hires a five-star-rated exorcist, Jadamudi Janga, to get rid of Monalisa. Detective Marikose continues to monitor the unfolding events, adding another layer of tension.

Finally, Episode 6, “Jith’s First Time,” delivers a hilarious and unexpected climax. Monalisa escapes from a jar she’s trapped in, and Jith loses his virginity, but not in the way he had anticipated.

Web Series NameEn Ethire Rendu Papa
OTT PlatformHungama
Lead CastShariq Hassan (Jith), Sakshi Agarwal (Sonam), Manisha Jashnani (Ghost)
GenreAdult Comedy

Shariq Hassan takes on the role of Jith, a man desperate to find love and lose his virginity. Sakshi Agarwal portrays Sonam, the woman who captures Jith’s heart but remains elusive. Manisha Jashnani spices things up as Monalisa, the ghost, throws a wrench into Jith’s plans. Together, their performances make this series an unforgettable experience.

Ready to dive into this rollercoaster of a series? You can stream all six episodes of “En Ethire Rendu Papa” on Hungama. The platform offers a smooth and seamless streaming experience, making it the perfect choice for a binge-watch session.

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Shariq Hassan, Sakshi Agarwal, Manisha Jashnani