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Adhure Hum

Adhure Hum is a Hindi Hot Web Series Released on Atrangii streaming platform, starring Sumeet Sachdev, Aisha Yusuf Zai, Arya Tiwari
OTT APP : Atrangii
Release Date : February 23, 2024
Season : 1

About Adhure Hum Web Series

Adhure Hum, a captivating web series streaming on Atrangii, unfolds a tale of love, passion, and complexities. The story weaves around the famous singer Abhimanyu and the young, spirited RJ Kashvi, whose budding romance faces hurdles from Abhimanyu’s past and his son Vihaan. As they navigate the challenges, their love is tested at every turn, leaving viewers wondering if their bond will withstand the storms.

The ensemble cast, led by Sumeet Sachdev as Abhimanyu, Aisha Yusuf Zai portraying Kashvi, and Arya Tiwari as Shreeja, brings depth to this romantic drama. Accompanied by talents like Satyen Chaturvedi, Aman Badola, and Jeetesh Nikam, the series promises a blend of emotion, passion, and drama under the direction of Pradeep Gupta. Their performances promise to captivate and tug at the heartstrings of the audience.

Fans eager to dive into this whirlwind romance can stream all episodes of Adhure Hum exclusively on Atrangii. Released in Hindi, this erotic and romantic saga is available in HD, offering a visual feast. For the best experience, viewers are encouraged to download the Atrangii app from the Play Store or App Store, ensuring access to high-quality content without the pitfalls of piracy. As love struggles against odds, Adhure Hum invites viewers to witness if true love indeed conquers all.

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Where can Watch Adhure Hum Web Series?

You can watch the Web Series through the original streaming platform with an annual or monthly subscription. You have to click below to access the original streaming platform’s official website to watch online or download the web series. 

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