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Malar is an upcoming television serial to be telecasted on Sun TV Preethi Sharma and Nivisha K are the lead cast
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Malar is an upcoming television serial to be telecasted on Sun TV Preethi Sharma, and Nivisha K are the lead cast of this family drama.

Malar is a highly anticipated Tamil daily soap set to take the television world by storm. With a star-studded cast and an engaging storyline, this show will surely capture viewers’ hearts across the state. The show is a remake of the popular Malayalam TV series Santhwanam, widely appreciated by audiences in the neighboring state.

The show revolves around the character of Malar, played by Preethi Sharma, who is a smart and strong-headed girl. Malar knows her way out of every situation and never bends in the face of hurdles. She represents the modern woman who holds her bonds and principles in high regard, empathizes, and unconditionally loves everyone around her.

In the promo, we see Malar as a soft and kind-hearted girl who sincerely prays to god in the temple and performs all the rituals. We also glimpse her sister, Parvathi, who seems to be an integral part of the show’s story. The show will revolve around the sweet bonding of the two sisters and their journey through life.

Along with Preethi Sharma, the show also features Indran in the lead role, along with Nivisha, Agni, and Regina in supporting roles. The show is directed by Jawahar Khan, known for his work on other popular Tamil television series.

With the buzz surrounding the show, it is clear that Malar will be one of the most-watched shows on Tamil television. So, get ready for some high doses of entertainment, as Malar promises to be a show that will keep you hooked to your screens.

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Television Serial / Show / Teledrama released on the Sun TV Platform
Preethi Sharma, Indran, Nivisha, Agni, and Regina are the lead casts in this series.


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