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Love Island Australia (Season 2)

The second season of Love Island Australia premiered on the Nine Network and winners were Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham.
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The second season of Love Island Australia premiered on the Nine Network on October 7, 2019. It ran for 35 days, with the finale airing on November 14, 2019.

The contestants of Love Island Australia’s first season showcased a vibrant mix of ages and backgrounds, with their journey in the villa ending on various days. Anna McEvoy (27, Melbourne) and Josh Packham (25, Northern Beaches) emerged as winners, while others like Cartier Surjan (19, Sydney) and Matthew Zukowski (23, Melbourne) were runners-up, all staying until Day 36. Aaron Deacon Shaw (27, Gold Coast) and Cynthia Taylu (23, Brisbane) were notable for their third-place finish.

Jessie Wynter (23, Hobart) and Todd Elton (26, Melbourne) left on Day 30. Contestants like Blake Williamson (28, Gold Coast), Margarita Smith (26, Melbourne), and Adam Farrugia (27, Gold Coast) were eliminated earlier, with Blake and Margarita leaving on Day 29 and Adam on Day 27. Others, including Isabelle Green (27, Brisbane), Luke Packham (25, Northern Beaches), Cassie Lansdell (26, Sydney), and others, had varying durations in the show, with some leaving as early as Day 7, like Sam Withers (28, Melbourne). This mix of ages and hometowns added to the dynamic environment of the show, with each contestant bringing their unique personality to the villa.

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Television Serial / Show / Teledrama released on the 9Now Platform
Anna McEvoy, Josh Packham, Cartier Surjan, Matthew Zukowski, Aaron Deacon Shaw, Cynthia Taylu, Jessie Wynter, Todd Elton, Blake Williamson, Margarita Smith, Adam Farrugia, Isabelle Green, Luke Packham, Cassie Lansdell, Gerard Majda, Biannca Furchtman, Jordan Cayless, Eoghan Murphy, Angel Ellis-Holley, Tea Frazer, Maurice Salib, Vanessa Joli, Phoebe Thompson, and Sam Withers. are the lead casts in this series.


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