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Save Up to 40% on Nationwide Car Insurance with SmartRide! | Trendceylon

Nationwide rewards safe drivers with up to 40% discounts through SmartRide. Sign up, drive safely, and watch your savings grow. Enroll now to start saving!
United States Insurance Discount Offer 2024
Offer End Date : TBA

In a move that rewards diligent drivers, Nationwide has introduced a groundbreaking opportunity for its members. By participating in the SmartRide program, drivers can now secure a discount of up to 40% for exhibiting safe driving habits. The initiative underscores Nationwide’s commitment to promoting road safety and acknowledges the efforts of conscientious drivers.

The Essence of SmartRide

SmartRide is a usage-based insurance scheme designed to provide real-time feedback, aiding drivers in making safer decisions on the road. Upon signing up, members are immediately granted a 10% discount, a figure that can surge to 40% based on driving behavior.

How It Functions

  • Enrollment and App Activation: Begin by enrolling and downloading the SmartRide app.
  • Normal Driving: Drive as usual and validate your initial trips.
  • Monitoring Progress: Use the app to monitor your driving performance and potential discount.
  • Discount Finalization: Your discount is finalized and applied at the next policy renewal.

Factors Influencing Discounts

Discounts are influenced by four key driving behaviors:

  • Miles Driven: Longer distances can increase accident likelihood.
  • Hard Braking & Acceleration: Sudden speed changes are monitored.
  • Idle Time: Reflects time spent stationary, hinting at traffic congestion exposure.
  • Nighttime Driving: Driving post-midnight until 5 a.m. raises accident risks.

Additional Benefits for Connected Cars

Owners of connected vehicles may find themselves already benefiting from a SmartRide discount, thanks to the program’s ability to measure driving behaviors.

Program Perks

  • Zero Cost: Participation comes at no additional cost.
  • Open to Members: Available to those holding Nationwide auto insurance.
  • No Premium Increase: The program offers discounts without raising rates.
  • Regular Discount Updates: Discounts are estimated weekly and finalized at the program’s conclusion.
  • Duration: Lasts approximately four to six months, with the option to use a plug-in device for some.

Learn More

For further details or questions about SmartRide, members are encouraged to contact Nationwide directly or consult their agent. This initiative not only paves the way for significant savings but also reinforces the importance of safe driving.


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