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WWE’s Lacey Evans Bids Farewell: Controversial Star Changes Name and Leaves Fans Guessing

Lacey Evans, known for her feuds and controversial comments on mental health, seems to have left WWE. Changing her social media name to 'Macey Estrella,' she hints at a new chapter."

WWE superstar Lacey Evans, who has been part of the company since 2016, seems to have left the arena for good. Fans were taken aback when Evans changed her social media handles, referring to herself as ‘Macey Estrella’ and leaving a cryptic message hinting at her departure. She also noted that she would be giving away a jacket, leaving fans to wonder about her next move. Known for her villainous on-screen ways, Evans’s journey in WWE was filled with ups and downs, including feuds, pregnancy leave, and a controversial presence online.

Apart from her wrestling career, Evans’s outspokenness on mental health, autism, and ADD led to a backlash from fans and fellow wrestlers. Her comments on curing anxiety and depression were met with severe criticism, and she also shared a now-deleted conspiracy video on autism and ADD. Some have argued that her statements were insensitive, perpetuating harmful myths about mental illness, and were potentially a factor in her apparent exit from WWE.

Evans’s last appearance on WWE television was on June 23 on Smackdown. Her sporadic appearances had already become a talking point, and her recent social media changes seem to have sealed the deal on her WWE career. Under her real name Macey Estrella-Kadlec, she had a mixed time with the company, initially starting as a ‘good’ character but later reverting to her villainous ways, struggling to win fans over.

WWE has yet to make an official statement on Evans’s status, leaving fans and commentators to speculate about her future. The world of wrestling is unpredictable, and Evans could potentially return under a new persona. However, for now, the controversial wrestler seems to have closed the chapter on her WWE career, leaving behind a legacy marked by highs, lows, and plenty of controversies.

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