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Wé Ani Soars to Top 8 with Powerful Whitney Houston Cover on American Idol

Wé Ani wowed the judges and audience with her rendition of “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston, earning a spot in the Top 8 of American Idol Season 21.

Wé Ani, the talented singer from Memphis, Tennessee, is making waves in American Idol Season 21. In a recent episode, Wé took on the iconic Whitney Houston with a stunning cover of “I Have Nothing” that earned her a spot in the Top 8.

Despite thinking that Lionel chose the song for her, it was actually Luke who picked it. But it didn’t matter as Wé delivered a powerful and emotional performance with the judges praising her.

“I am so proud of you in that performance. That was one of the most elegant things I’ve ever seen,” Luke said. Lionel also heaped on the praise, telling Wé that she “owned” the song.

Wé was understandably thrilled with her performance, taking to Instagram to express her gratitude and excitement. “LORDYYYYYY! I feel so honored! Between the comments, my friends, and the surprise judges I am beside myself!!!!! I love y’all so so so much! #idol #WéAni #WéAniOnIdol,” she wrote.

Fans of American Idol will no doubt be eagerly watching to see how Wé fares in the competition, but one thing is for sure – she has already made a huge impression with her talent and passion for music.

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