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Unleash Your Luck: Win a Limited Edition M4 CSL + $40K with Tunercult!

Grab the wheel of opportunity with Tunercult’s TCG43 giveaway! Win a brand-new Limited Edition M4 CSL and $40,000 in cash. Your dream ride awaits!

Imagine a dream where you own a brand-new, limited edition M4 CSL plus $40,000 in cash! That dream may just turn into a reality with Tunercult’s car giveaway TCG43.

Taking The Entry Highway

Participating in this exciting giveaway is quite straightforward. With every dollar spent on, you earn ten automatic entries into the contest. For instance, spend $20, and you get 200 automatic entries! Worried about keeping track? Don’t be. Tunercult’s system does all the heavy lifting for you, tracking and combining all your orders placed during the sweepstakes until the deadline.

The Selection Straightway

Once the sweepstakes conclude, all your entries will be handed over to a federally compliant sweepstakes host. This firm will then conduct a computer-randomized drawing to select the lucky winner. So, rest assured; it’s all fair play here.

Get to Know Your Dream Car

The prize that’s up for grabs is no ordinary vehicle. It’s a 2023 Limited Edition M4 CSL – one of only 1,000 units worldwide. With an automatic transmission and mere 186 miles on the dashboard, the car boasts a factory paint job in Frozen Brooklyn Gray. The vehicle is all set to vroom with its massive 543HP horsepower and comes with XPEL Ceramic Tint for that extra edge.

So, Why Should You Enter?

Apart from the dream car and cash, there are numerous reasons to be a part of this sweepstakes. Firstly, Tunercult has a proven track record of giving away more than $5.5 million in cars and cash. Plus, the drawing process is entirely managed by an independent sweepstakes firm, assuring transparency.

Moreover, Tunercult offers high-quality apparel and automotive products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No subscriptions are required; you’re free to enter as you wish. Imagine saying goodbye to car payments, paying off your debts, covering your school expenses, or just turning heads at car shows!

Firing Up Some FAQs

Yes, Tunercult does give away these cars – it would be illegal not to! Each contest is registered with the United States, which legally requires Tunercult to give away each prize. To win, you must be at least 18 years old, hold a valid driver’s license, and be a legal U.S. or Canadian (excluding Quebec) resident.

Every car given away is inspected thoroughly, ensuring clean titles and low mileage. A third-party sweepstakes company chooses the winners, and the announcement is usually made within 4-7 business days after the deadline.

In Conclusion

With TunerCult’s car giveaway TCG43, one lucky winner could drive home in a brand-new Limited Edition M4 CSL plus $40,000 in cash. So, why wait? Enter today and who knows? You could be that one lucky winner!

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