Pottu, Sri Lankan Tamil Short Film won 7 awards in Golden leaf film festival


Pottu, a short film directed by Navayuka Kukaraja, a multi-talented Sri Lankan actress, director, and writer, has won many awards in several films festivals. The Shortfilm has won seven awards at the Golden Leaf Film Festival as Best Actress, Best Child Actress, Best Editor, Best Debut Director, Best Producer, and Best Screenplay.

Golden Leaf International Film Festival 2021
1) Best Actress – Navayuga Kugarajah
2) Best Child Artist – Sharon Prasy
3) Best Editor – Joshuah Heby
4) Best Debut Director – Navayuga Kugarajah
5) Best Producer – Navayuga Kugarajah
6) Best Script Writer – Navayuga Kugarajah

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