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Pooja Singh Rajpoot Heats Up Hunters OTT with “Khoda Hostel Nikla Ladka

After winning hearts on Ullu's "Secret Ingredient", Pooja Singh Rajpoot dazzles on Hunters OTT in her fiery new series "Khoda Hostel Nikla Ladka". Dive into her enthralling journey.

In the ever-evolving world of streaming, talented stars are constantly rising, and Pooja Singh Rajpoot is the latest sensation to watch. Gaining fame from Ullu’s “Secret Ingredient”, Pooja is now making waves with her debut in a fresh new series on Hunters OTT.

From Ullu’s Heartthrob to Hunters’ Diva

Ullu’s “Secret Ingredient – Part 1” witnessed a compelling performance by Pooja Singh. It quickly became a favorite among fans. Now, with her transition to Hunter’s OTT, expectations are soaring. Pooja’s versatility and charm are undeniable, and many predict she’ll capture even more hearts with her latest project.

Unveiling the New Spicy Series

The new series, titled “Khoda Hostel Nikla Ladka”, is an enticing Hindi hot web series. The story, the cast, and especially Pooja’s involvement make it one of the most awaited series on Hunters OTT. This series seems poised to become a hit with the buzz around it.

Pooja’s Meteoric Rise to Fame

Starting her journey with the sensuous “Secret Ingredient” on Ullu, Pooja Singh Rajpoot has shown that talent combined with hard work can make dreams come true. She’s become a household name in a short time, proving that success isn’t far away with the right roles and choices.

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