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Oliver Steele Impresses American Idol Judges with Radiohead Cover

Oliver Steele advances to Top 8 of American Idol Season 21 with his stunning rendition of Radiohead's "High & Dry"

Oliver Steele has captured the attention of American Idol fans and judges alike with his soulful performances. During the Top 10 round, he took a risk by singing Radiohead’s “High & Dry” instead of the two John Mayer songs given to him. But his gamble paid off as he received high praises from the judges for his unique song interpretation.

Katy Perry was impressed by Steele’s performance, saying, “It was so delicate. It was so angelic. It was like nothing you have done before.” Luke Bryan added, “You are a vibe. You are a mood. You set a feeling and emotion.” The judges also encouraged Steele to showcase his guitar-playing skills more often, as it adds an extra element to his performances.

Steele, who expressed his disbelief on Instagram for making it to the Top 8, thanked Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan for their support. He also reminded fans that it’s not over till it’s over, proving that he is determined to keep giving his best in the competition.

As American Idol Season 21 progresses, fans are excited to see what Oliver Steele has in store for his next performance. Will he take another risk and surprise the judges once again? Only time will tell.

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