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No Youth Penalty: Save $1200 on Young Driver Excess with Rollin’ Insurance

Young drivers, say goodbye to excess charges! With Rollin’ Insurance, save up to $1200 - a deal that's real, not found with other insurers.

Don’t be fooled; being young can be costly, especially if you’re a driver. Other insurers might sting you just because of your age. They might slap an extra charge, an excess, of up to $1200, solely because you’re young and behind the wheel. It doesn’t feel fair, does it?

The Rollin’ Insurance Promise

Good news, young drivers. Rollin’ is here to change that. Rollin’ Insurance pledges to treat you right. Rollin’ are not like other insurers. Rollin’ don’t believe in charging young drivers an extra $1200. Why should you pay more for being young?

Savings Based on Reliable Data

The rollin’ promise isn’t empty words. The potential savings are backed by third-party data from New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia, available as of April 2023. This data supports our stand – You don’t have to pay more for being young.

Other Excesses – A Fair Play

While Rollin’ promises to save you from youth excess, Rollin’ reminds you that other excesses may apply. Every insurer has them. They are part and parcel of insurance policies. But Rollin’ assures you that you won’t be singled out because of your age.

Always Read the Fine Print

Rollin’ encourages every potential policyholder to read Rollin’ Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMDs), available at They provide all the necessary details about Rollin’ policies, including the fine print. That’s transparency from Rollin’ to you.

Wrapping Up

So, young drivers, take the wheel confidently, knowing Rollin’ Insurance is on your side. Say goodbye to the stinging $1200 youth excess. You’re not just a number to Rollin’ – you’re part of the Rollin’ community. Experience the Rollin’ difference today.

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