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Nethmi Kavindaya: 2nd Runner-up in Sirasa Wasantha Kumariya 2023

Nethmi Kavindaya from Gokarella, Sri Lanka, emerged as the second runner-up in Swabha Ceylon Wasantha Kumara and Kumariya 2023 on Sirasa TV.

Nethmi Kavindaya, a 21-year-old from Gokarella, Sri Lanka, made her mark in the recent Swabha Ceylon Wasantha Kumara and Kumariya 2023 pageant on Sirasa TV. She emerged as the second runner-up, showcasing her beauty, talent, and intelligence.

Nethmi studied at Sir William Gopallawa Central College and currently resides in Kurunegala. Her remarkable performance in the pageant has made her a role model for young women aspiring to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

The Swabha Ceylon Kumariya 2023 pageant was a fierce competition, with many talented contestants vying for the crown. However, Nethmi’s stunning performance made her stand out from the rest. We congratulate her on her remarkable achievement and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Nethmi’s success in the Swabha Ceylon Kumariya 2023 pageant has brought pride and joy to her family and community. Her achievements have also brought attention to the potential of young Sri Lankan women in the entertainment industry, and we hope to see more young women like Nethmi making their mark in the future.

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