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Maura Higgins Revels in Love Island USA Season 5 Excitement

Former Love Island UK star, Maura Higgins, shines a spotlight on the thrilling drama of Love Island USA Season 5. Reflects on new role and predictions

Maura Higgins, an Irish model and popular past participant from Love Island UK’s Season 5, has been thrillingly following the current Love Island USA season as a social ambassador. With the first week packed with surprises, literal and physical bombshells, and even a dramatic game of “Mr. & Mrs.,” fans are buzzing with anticipation.

Front Row Seats to Season 5 Twists

Higgins gives us an inside look into the show’s intrigues from her vantage point in the Fiji villa. “The whole “Bergie” (Carsten Bergersen) was dumped, and then he wasn’t dumped. We’ve already had dumpings and bombshells. It’s hard to wrap our heads around it,” she said, pointing out the exciting unpredictability of the show.

Insights on “Bergie” and Unexpected Connections

The reality star shared her thoughts on “Bergie” and his journey on the show. Despite the latter’s previous coupling with Victor Gonzalez, she’s rooting for him and his blossoming connection with Carmen Kocourek. Higgins is hopeful, believing that the unexpected relationship between “Bergie” and Carmen has potential.

On Victor’s Misstep

However, Victor’s handling of the situation doesn’t sit well with Higgins. She critiqued his immaturity and his attempt to dictate Carmen’s decisions. Higgins emphasized that every contestant should have the freedom to make their choices without external pressure.

An Inside Look at Villa Life

Walking back into the villa, Higgins admitted to feeling a sense of nostalgia. Yet, she firmly stated her preference for her new role as a host rather than returning as a contestant. The villa, she noted, is as extravagant and spacious as ever.

A Personal Take on the Contestants

Higgins also shared her thoughts on the contestants. She was shocked by Jasmine Sklavanitis’s early exit and was intrigued by the unexpected yet strong connection between Harrison Luna and Destiny Davis. She’s also keeping an eye on Keenan Anunay and “Kay Kay” Vickala Gray.

Nuggets of Wisdom for the Islanders

Finally, the Love Island alumnus had some advice for the current contestants. She urged them to stay true to themselves and to seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After all, the experience, as she knows, flies by all too quickly.

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