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Love Island USA S5: Keenan’s Interest in Emily Irks Kay Kay, Fans Disapprove

On Love Island USA, Keenan Anunay's growing fondness for Emily Chavez triggers emotional turmoil for Kay Kay, sparking a wave of fan disapproval

As the fifth season of ‘Love Island USA’ unfolds, a new love triangle seems to be taking shape. Newcomer Emily Chavez has stirred things up by expressing her interest in several of the male islanders, particularly Keenan Anunay, leaving Vickala ‘Kay Kay’ Gray in distress.

A Crush Begins: Keenan and Emily

Emily wasted no time in making her intentions known, attracting the attention of several islanders, including Keenan. Their budding bond has not gone unnoticed by Keenan’s initial love interest, Kay Kay. Keenan’s admittance of his attraction to Emily only deepened Kay Kay’s affection for him.

Jealousy in Paradise: Kay Kay’s Heartache

Although initially unphased by Keenan’s confession, Kay Kay’s emotions took a toll when she noticed the duo’s close interactions. The pain intensified as Carmen remarked on Emily’s indifference to the impact of her actions on the other female islanders.

Viewers React: ‘Keenan…What Are You Doing?’

Kay Kay wasn’t alone in her dismay. Viewers also took to social media to express their disapproval of Keenan’s behavior, accusing him of hurting Kay Kay intentionally. Outraged fans took to Twitter, hinting at their intention to vote Keenan out if his actions continue to upset Kay Kay.

Show Timing

Season 5 of ‘Love Island USA’ premiered on July 18, 2023, with episodes streaming every day during premiere week at 9 pm ET. Thereafter, new episodes are released from Thursday to Tuesday on Peacock.

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