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Kushi Sharanya: 1st Runner-Up in Hiru Awrudu Kumariya 2023

Kushi Sharanya wins the 1st runner-up title in the Hiru Awrudu Kumariya pageant organized by Hiru TV. Read on for details and her reactions.

Kushi Sharanya, a talented and beautiful young woman, has achieved a great feat by winning the 1st runner-up title in the prestigious Hiru Awrudu Kumariya pageant. The pageant, organized by Hiru TV, is one of the most prominent events of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations in Sri Lanka.

Kushi Sharanya expressed her joy and gratitude towards Hiru TV for making her dream come true. She also extended special thanks to Mr Chathura and choreographer Rasika Aiya, who helped her prepare for the competition. Chami Habarakada did her makeup, while Viraj Malshan Nawarathna captured her stunning looks on camera.

Kushi Sharanya also thanked her family, friends, and all those who supported her throughout her journey to the Hiru Awrudu Kumariya pageant. She mentioned Udara and Chanaka as two of her closest friends who stood by her side during the competition.

Winning the 1st runner-up title in the Hiru Awrudu Kumariya pageant is undoubtedly one of Kushi Sharanya’s best achievements in her life. She is excited to start the new year on a positive note and hopes to inspire others with her success story.

If you want to witness the amazing performances of Sri Lanka’s talented and beautiful young women, don’t miss the next edition of the Hiru Awrudu Kumariya pageant organized by Hiru TV.

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