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Enter Tunercult’s Sweepstakes: Win a Custom Frozen Black BMW M4

Learn how to enter Tunercult's sweepstakes for a chance to win a customized Frozen Black BMW M4 Competition and $40,000 in cash, or opt for a $100,000 cash alternative!"

Are you ready to participate in Tunercult’s exciting sweepstakes? You could be the lucky winner of a unique Frozen Black BMW M4 Competition, meticulously customized to perfection. Along with the grand prize of this incredible vehicle, you’ll also receive a generous $40,000 cash prize. Alternatively, you have the thrilling option of choosing a $100,000 cash alternative. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! The deadline to enter Tunercult’s sweepstakes is July 9th, 2023.

How to Enter

Entering the contest is straightforward. For every $1 spent at, you automatically receive 20 entries. Imagine the possibilities – a $20 purchase earns you an impressive 400 entries! Keep track of all your orders during the sweepstakes period, as they will be combined to maximize your chances of winning before the deadline.

Winner Selection

Once the sweepstakes conclude, a federally compliant sweepstakes host will receive all the entry data. A computer-randomized drawing conducted by a reputable sweepstakes company will determine the lucky winner. This ensures fairness and transparency, allowing all participants to claim the coveted Frozen Black BMW M4 Competition.

TCG42 M4 Competition Details

Picture yourself as the potential winner of the TCG#42 sweepstakes! You have until July 9, 2023, to enter for a chance to own the extraordinary 2021 M4 Competition. This impressive vehicle boasts a powerful 580HP engine and has only 1,900 miles on the odometer. The stunning factory paint in FROZEN Black and the captivating red interior make it an absolute showstopper. The car comes equipped with remarkable modifications, including the MST Cold Air Intake System, ARMYTRIX Valve Controlled Exhaust, VORSTEINER Carbon Grills, and more.

Why Enter These Sweepstakes?

You may be wondering why you should seize this opportunity. Here are several compelling reasons to consider entering. Over $5,000,000 in cars and cash prizes have already been awarded to lucky winners, making it an incredibly rewarding experience. The selection process is conducted by a reputable sweepstakes firm, ensuring fairness and transparency. Furthermore, you’ll find top-quality apparel and automotive products, guaranteeing your satisfaction. Best of all, there are no subscriptions required, providing you the freedom to enter as frequently or sparingly as you desire without any additional commitments.

What’s the Catch? Do You Really Give Away These Cars?

Rest assured; there is no catch. Each car promoted in the sweepstakes is legally obligated to be given away. All contests are bonded and registered with the United States of America, ensuring the prizes reach the deserving winners.

What Are the Requirements to Win?

To be eligible for a chance to win, you must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid driver’s license, and be a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada (excluding Quebec). Meeting these requirements puts you in the running to claim the incredible Frozen Black BMW M4 Competition.

Who Chooses the Winner?

The winner is selected through a computerized random drawing conducted by a trusted third-party sweepstakes company.

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