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Cineprime Unveils ‘Mol Ki Bahu’, Ridhima and Pooja as Lead Cast

Cineprime's latest addition to its OTT platform is 'Mol Ki Bahu,' a sizzling Indian web series featuring Ridhima Tiwari and Pooja Poddar.

Cineprime, the popular streaming (OTT) platform, has unveiled a new Indian web series titled ‘Mol Ki Bahu.’ The web series is a steamy addition to the platform and is already garnering a lot of attention from viewers.

‘Mol Ki Bahu’ features the talented Ridhima Tiwari and Pooja Poddar in lead roles. The series is set to be thrilling as it explores the intricacies of relationships and the challenges that come with them.

Cineprime has been at the forefront of providing quality entertainment to its viewers, and ‘Mol Ki Bahu’ is no exception. The platform is committed to bringing the best of Indian entertainment to viewers worldwide.

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