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Anita Jaiswal’s Exciting Debut with Deepika Kudtarkar in ‘Khilona’

Experience the heat of 'Khilona,' a new Indian web series on Primeshots. Anita Jaiswal makes her debut alongside Deepika Kudtarkar!

Are you in the mood for something thrilling? You’re in luck! A brand-new web series called ‘Khilona’ has launched on Primeshots. Anita Jaiswal, a fresh face in the industry, is making her debut. She’s acting alongside Deepika Kudtarkar, already a favorite on the platform.

‘Khilona’ is not just any series. It falls in the ’18+’ category. That means it’s a bit spicy, a bit hot. Anita and Deepika bring the heat on the screen, ensuring the series is exciting from start to end. You might want to take breaks in between; it’s that intense!

This series is a must-watch for everyone. Fans of Deepika will love seeing her in a new light. For Anita, it’s a chance to show her talent. The debutante is sure to win hearts. And for viewers, it’s a chance to enjoy a hot Indian web series on a favoured platform, Primeshots. ‘Khilona’ is the talk of the town, and it’s time you found out why!

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