Actress Amala Paul as Police Officer in Kudi Yedamaithe Web series


Amala Paul, who became famous as a heroine in the film Myna directed by Tamil director Prabhu Salomon, continued to make a name for herself in Tamil cinema with her performances in films including Deivathirumakal directed by A.L.

She continues to act in all the leading languages ​​in South India such as Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. Caught everyone’s attention.

Next up is Amala Paul starring in the new web series Gudi Yedamaithe which is being prepared in Telugu. Rahul Vijay will play the lead role in the web series directed by popular director Pawan Kumar with actress Amalapal in the lead role. Kudi Yedamaithe will be released on the aha OTT site on July 16th.

Amala Paul plays Gudi Yedamaithe in the web series as Inspector Durga, a police officer. While the previously released teaser and posters have been very well received, a new promo video has been released introducing the character of Inspector Durga currently playing the role of actress Amala. You can watch this new promo video which is currently trending at the link below.

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