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Swagathaanjali Chandramukhi 2

Release Date : August 12, 2023
Swagathaanjali, a standout track from Chandramukhi 2, composed by M.M. Keeravaani, sung by Sreenidhi Tirumala, and penned by Chaitanya Prasad.
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About Swagathaanjali Chandramukhi 2 Music Video

Swagathaanjali is a standout track from the highly anticipated movie “Chandramukhi 2.” Composed by the brilliant M.M. Keeravaani, the song features the soul-stirring vocals of Sreenidhi Tirumala and poignant lyrics penned by Chaitanya Prasad. The combination of these elements has crafted a melody that resonates with listeners, capturing the essence of the film’s storyline, starring well-known actors like Ragava, Kangana Ranaut, Vadivelu, Radhika Sarathkumar, and more.

The music video for Swagathaanjali is a visual masterpiece brought to life by Director P Vasu, R D Rajasekar ISC as the Director of Photography, and a host of talented choreographers, editors, and costume designers. Action scenes have been orchestrated by masters like Ravi Varma, Kanal Kannan, Stunt Siva, and Om Prakash. The art direction by Thota Tharrani and the intricate costumes designed by talents like Neeta Lulla, Dorothy Jai, and others add a rich texture to the visual storytelling.

Produced under the banner of Lyca Productions, with an enormous team of skilled professionals contributing to its creation, Swagathaanjali stands as a testament to the collaborative nature of the film industry. From effects by Sethu to VFX by renowned studios like Jupiter and Lorven Studios, every detail has been meticulously crafted. The support of the entire production team, including the lyric video by Venky and the harmonious accompaniment by talented musicians, adds a layer of depth that makes Swagathaanjali an unforgettable experience.

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