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Malligapoo Kondakaari

Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Tamil
Release Date : February 16, 2024
Malligapoo Kondakaari is a Sri lankan Tamil music video composed by MC Jerry, sung by Gana Dilaxshan, starring Keloshan Dominic Anton, Yash Thusikka
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About Malligapoo Kondakaari Music Video

Malligapoo Kondakaari is a vibrant Tamil music video that combines catchy rhythms and heartfelt lyrics. This video is a feast for the ears, composed by the talented MC Jerry, with vocals by Gana Dilaxshan and rap segments by MC Jerry himself. The music, enriched with rhythms from Bhanu Theepan (Bhanu Octapad), is set to lyrics penned by MC Jerry, creating a melody that resonates with listeners.

The video features an impressive cast, including Keloshan Dominic Anton and Yash Thusikka, with energetic choreography led by Kirushanthan and Pavithira. The Local UK Dance crew, comprising Dilshaan, Sathu, Nilakshi, Hari, Kirushikan, and Tharmiahan, adds a dynamic visual element. Captured through the lens of Kelo Creation and edited by MC Jerry, the video’s production quality is top-notch, thanks to TRM-Picture Canada Inc.

Malligapoo Kondakaari is available for viewing on YouTube, offering various resolutions such as SD (up to 480p), HD (up to 720p), and Full HD (up to 1080p) for a tailored viewing experience. Fans can also download the MP3 or opt for high-quality audio in FLAC and M4A formats, ensuring they enjoy the music in the best possible quality.

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