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Tamil Actress Raveena Daha’s Chic Black Sequin Outfit | Trendceylon

Bigg Boss Tamil star Raveena Daha glitters in a black sequin ensemble from Affluent Choices, a sleek look perfected by Alana Makeup Studio and 6 Frames Photography.

Raveena Daha, known for her stint in Bigg Boss Tamil, exudes sophistication in a black sequined outfit that catches the light with every move. This chic number from Affluent Choices celebrates classic glamour, with the sequins adding a touch of sparkle and festivity, apt for any high-profile event or celebration.

Her makeup, artfully applied by Alana Makeup Studio, complements the shimmer of her attire with bold lips and subtle eye makeup that enhance her natural features without competing with the outfit’s statement. The ensemble embodies elegance, with the one-shoulder crop top and flowing skirt emphasizing a modern silhouette.

The strategic lighting and backdrop chosen by the team at Arangaa Space, captured by 6 Frames Photography, create a dramatic effect that allows the sequins to shine, highlighting Raveena’s poised and polished demeanor. The photography showcases the outfit’s details and Raveena’s presence as a rising star in Tamil entertainment.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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