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Tamil Actress from Malaysia Retha Govindasamy in Green and Yellow Saree | Trendceylon

Malaysian Tamil actress Retha Govindasamy looks regal in a green and yellow saree with intricate gold jewelry.

Retha Govindasamy, the enchanting Malaysian Tamil actress, exudes elegance in a stunning green and yellow saree. The rich fabric, adorned with intricate patterns, flows gracefully, creating a majestic appearance. The vibrant colors highlight her radiant complexion, making her look like royalty.

Her jewelry choice is equally impressive. The elaborate gold necklace and matching earrings add a regal touch, perfectly complementing the saree. The delicate flower in her braided hair and the bold gold belt enhance the traditional yet stylish vibe. Her makeup by @bavibabu_mua accentuates her features flawlessly, making her look effortlessly beautiful.

The shoot, orchestrated by @ashokslookingglass, captures Retha’s grace in every frame. The skilled saree draping by @manisareedrapist1 and the elegant hairstyle by @reethumakeupartist bring the whole look together. This photoshoot is a testament to the collaborative effort of these talented professionals, showcasing Retha Govindasamy in all her glory.

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Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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