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Stunning Sri Lankan Tamil Model Shyamala Amar Ashraf in Saree | Trendceylon

Witness the beauty of Sri Lankan Tamil model, Shyamala Amar Ashraf, as she dazzles in a pink saree adorned with exquisite traditional Indian jewels.

Step into a world of beauty as Sri Lankan Tamil model Shyamala Amar Ashraf mesmerizes us with her captivating look. Dressed in a breathtaking pink saree, Shyamala showcases the grace and allure of traditional Indian attire. The vibrant color complements her complexion, making her truly stand out.

To enhance her stunning appearance, Shyamala adorns herself with mesmerizing Indian traditional jewels. From intricate necklaces to ornate earrings, the jewelry adds a touch of opulence and grandeur to her overall look. The careful selection of these accessories by Jewellery Joy Glorious perfectly complements the elegance of the saree, creating a harmonious and enchanting ensemble.

Captured through the lens of Namo Pweety, Shyamala’s beauty is immortalized in every frame. The photographer skillfully captures the essence of her charm, highlighting every detail that makes her radiate with confidence and poise. Mua – Mubi Mubeena’s flawless makeup enhances Shyamala’s natural features, accentuating her eyes and lips and adding an ethereal glow to her complexion.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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