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Stunning Photos of Nazreen Nazeer in Dar Blue Skirt and Blouse | Trendceylon

Check out the breathtaking photos of Indian Malayalam actor Nazreen Nazeer in a beautiful Dar blue skirt and blouse. Shot by @rbraymond_photography.

Nazreen Nazeer, the popular Indian Malayalam actor, recently stole the show with her stunning photoshoot in a beautiful Dar blue skirt and blouse. The photoshoot was captured by the talented photographer @rbraymond_photography, who did an excellent job of bringing out the best in Nazreen’s look.

The photoshoot is a perfect example of how a well-coordinated team can bring out the best in a subject. @pacrofilms did the retouching work, and the makeup was handled by @remaleriza_makeup_artist. The costume was provided by @janki_remya, and Kappatv, @getstylish22, and @kappaoriginalsofficial commissioned the shoot.

The photoshoot is a feast for the eyes, with Nazreen Nazeer looking nothing less than stunning in every frame. The Dar blue skirt and blouse accentuated her beauty, and the photographer did an excellent job capturing her best angles.

The gallery of photoshoot images features Nazreen in different poses, each showcasing her effortless elegance and beauty. The photoshoot was shot by DOP @hi_iam_akhil and @aneesh.chandran.9026, who did an excellent job of setting up the perfect lighting and mood for the shoot.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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