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Stunning Hindu Bridal Photoshoot of Sri Lankan Model Anjalin Rk | Trendceylon

Check out these gorgeous photos of Sri Lankan model Anjalin Rk’s Hindu bridal photoshoot, featuring a stunning red silk saree and white floral aari worked blouse.

Sri Lankan model Anjalin Rk recently did a stunning Hindu bridal photoshoot that left us in awe. The shoot features Anjalin dressed in a beautiful red silk saree paired with a white floral Aari worked blouse, creating the perfect match for the saree.

The talented team behind the shoot includes Blooming Beauty Care for the makeup, Kalki Image Studio – Yasokaran Murugupillai for the photography, and Laji Kumar for retouching. The decor was handled by Independent Decor, which added to the beauty of the shoot.

The photos from the shoot are absolutely stunning, capturing the beauty of Anjalin and the traditional Hindu bridal look. From the intricate details of the saree and blouse to the delicate jewelry and makeup, every element of the shoot comes together perfectly.

We have compiled a gallery of photos from Anjalin Rk’s Hindu bridal photoshoot that you don’t want to miss. Whether planning your bridal look or appreciating beautiful photography, these images will inspire you.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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