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Sri Lankan Tamil Model Caroniya Kapil Rocks Red Silk Saree with Bold Accessories | Trendceylon

Sri Lankan Tamil model Caroniya Kapil stuns in a red silk saree, accentuated with dazzling gold jewelry and modern sunglasses. Captured by Studio HisHor, this vibrant look is both traditional and trendy.

In this vibrant photoshoot, Sri Lankan Tamil model Caroniya Kapil commands attention in a striking red silk saree. The saree’s rich, intricate patterns and bold color make a powerful statement, while the heavy gold jewelry, featuring ornate necklaces, bangles, and a stunning maang tikka, adds a touch of traditional glamour. The addition of trendy sunglasses brings a modern twist to this classic look, showcasing Caroniya’s playful and confident style.

Captured by Studio HisHor Photography, the energetic vibe is palpable, with every detail meticulously crafted. The makeup by Iveherbals Beauty Care enhances Caroniya’s natural beauty, giving her a flawless complexion and bold, expressive eyes. This ensemble perfectly blends traditional elegance and contemporary flair, ideal for making a grand entrance at any festive event.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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